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Choosing Solar Suppliers in Johannesburg

When it comes to implementing solar power in Johannesburg, South Africa, selecting the right solar suppliers isn’t just about finding quality products and services. Johannesburg’s unique environment, influenced by factors such as its climate, weather patterns, housing types, and urban landscape, presents distinctive challenges that need to be considered when making this important decision.

Whether you just want a list or don’t want to know how to evaluate them yourself, here’s who we think the top solar suppliers in Johannesburg:

  1. Rubicon (Equipment Supplier)
  2. Alumo (Equipment Supplier & Installer)
  3. Hohm (Equipment Supplier & Installer)
  4. AWPower (Equipment Supplier & Installer)
  5. GoSolr (Installer & Rent-to-Buy)

Top Solar Suppliers in Johannesburg


rubicon solar

With a reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Rubicon offers robust solar solutions designed to withstand Johannesburg’s climate and urban environment. More specifically Rubicon focuses on Inverters, Solar Panels, Energy Storage, Balance of System, Electric Vehicle Charging, Energy Solution Kits as well as Clearance Items. 

Visit their home page here.

Alumo Energy 

alumo solar

Known for their innovative approach and reliability, Alumo Energy specialises in tailored solar solutions that cater to the unique energy needs of Johannesburg residents and businesses. 

Alumo Energy are a dedicated group of eco-conscious professionals, blending our expertise in engineering with unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction to deliver comprehensive home energy solutions. 

Their holistic approach ensures that they not only install the optimal energy system but also provide ongoing support and maintenance to guarantee years of reliable performance.

Visit their home page here.

Hohm Energy 

Hohm solar

Hohm serves has an innovative online platform and marketplace, seamlessly connecting customers, accredited solar providers, product suppliers, and financiers with just a few clicks. Their platform streamlines the entire solar journey, from initial scoping and solution exploration to installation and ongoing operations and maintenance, all managed efficiently through our user-friendly interface.

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Committed to affordability and quality, AWPower offers a range of solar solutions suitable for Johannesburg’s diverse economic landscape, making solar energy accessible to all.

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Specialising in residential solar installations, GoSolr provides eco-friendly solutions tailored to Johannesburg’s urban environment, helping residents harness the power of solar energy while reducing their carbon footprint.

Their all-in-one monthly solar subscription gives you the benefits of a full hybrid home solar system, without huge expense and hassle.

Visit their home page here.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Solar Suppliers Johannesburg

Climate and Weather

Johannesburg experiences a subtropical highland climate, characterised by warm summers and mild winters. However, the region also faces occasional thunderstorms and hail, which can impact solar panel performance and longevity. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a supplier who understands how these weather patterns affect solar installations and can provide robust solutions to withstand such conditions.

Urban Landscape

As one of South Africa’s largest cities, Johannesburg has a diverse urban landscape, ranging from densely populated areas to large suburbs. Solar suppliers need to tailor their solutions to suit the specific spatial constraints and architectural styles in the city, ensuring efficient utilisation of available space and seamless integration structures that already exist.

Energy Consumption Patterns

The energy consumption patterns in Johannesburg vary across different demographics and sectors. Residential properties, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities have distinct energy needs that require customised solar solutions. A reliable solar supplier should have the expertise to assess and address these diverse requirements, optimising energy generation and cost savings for their clients.

Economic Considerations

Johannesburg is not only the economic hub of South Africa but also a city with a growing focus on sustainability and renewable energy. When selecting a solar supplier, it’s important to consider factors such as pricing, financing options, and return on investment. A reputable supplier will offer transparent pricing structures and guidance on available incentives and rebates to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for Johannesburg residents and businesses.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right solar supplier in Johannesburg requires careful consideration of the city’s unique environmental, economic, and social factors. By selecting a reputable solar supplier that understands these challenges and offers tailored solutions to address them, Johannesburg residents and businesses can embark on a sustainable energy journey that benefits both the community and the environment.