I'm a South African home owner. My electricity went off often. Sometimes three times a a day! It's now on all the time. I have solar. Deciding on what system to install was difficult and the range quotes and solutions I received was scary!

I started SolarWow to educate all South Africans from all backgrounds on Solar for Eskom independence.
Luke Marthinusen
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Eskom's decreasing generation capacity







Eskom’s total generation capacity is decreasing every year. It is unlikely it will ever improve.

With Eskom facing frequent power outages, soaring costs, and corruption concerns, solar energy is emerging as the most vital alternative to Eskom. 

South Africa, with its abundant sunshine, must leverage solar technology to educate and empower its people. Greater awareness of and investment in solar power will help to reduce its cost and increase its accessibility to all South Africans.

Unlike Eskom’s centralised power generation, solar energy empowers individuals and communities to become self-sufficient energy producers. It reduces reliance on unreliable grid infrastructure, lowers electricity bills, and is better for our environment. 

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